Welcome to week two of Frontline at Home!

We would like to share a collection of videos to help you worship and engage with the love of God wherever you are today. Be encouraged this morning to take time to experience his love for you.
Our children are important too, so Flourish kids church has some great content this week - a song, storytime, some craft and a return visit from last week's special guest.

We will be beginning this Sunday Service with some time in worship, then Robyn will be sharing at 'Heart to heart'. This will be followed by our 'Take-away ministry', where we have included resources from external ministries. Flourish Kids Church is hosted at the bottom of the blog.

To begin your online Sunday service, simply scroll below.

Here is today's YouTube playlist with three songs that we will be worshipping to together (these will play one after the other in the same window):

Here is a message from Robyn Brett, sharing what has been on her heart this week.

Here we have a quick update from our friends Robbie and Jazelle Venter in NZ

Expectations and Hope. Pt.1 | Graham Cooke describes God's promises
God has located us in the one place that guarantees confident expectation – He put us into Jesus. This is the foundation of every promise God has made with us.
Hope is expectation and expectation leads to a place of joyful anticipation. No matter what you’re facing, you can learn to anticipate the presence of God.
This clip is taken from the conference "Expectations!" available on www.BrilliantTV.com

Hi there kids! We are excited to bring Flourish online for you, we hope you enjoy it and have a great Sunday!

Thanks for joining us this Sunday church. We want to encourage you that your Sunday doesn’t have to end here, why not call some one for some fellowship? See how they are going and encourage and pray for them at this time.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for more updates and have a blessed Sunday!

We would love to receive your feedback on your Frontline at Home experience today. We want to improve each week to best serve our church community and help us all connect with God and one another. Please email your thoughts and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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