Welcome to another week of Frontline at Home!

We have a collection of videos to help you worship and engage with the love of God wherever you are today. Be encouraged this morning to take time to experience his love for you.

We will be beginning this Sunday Service with some time in worship, then in 'Heart to heart' we have a message from Neil & Jan Dowling. This will be followed by an interview between Pastor Warren & Donna about a vision that she has had. Flourish Kids Church have their own special place down the page with music, a story, craft and a lesson about how God has a place for all of us in His heart.

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As we come together to worship Him today, we hope these songs inspire you to continue your times of closeness and connection with God through the coming week
(the four songs in this Youtube playlist will play one after the other in the same window)

Here is a clip from our friends Neil and Jan Dowling.
They share about what they have been doing in recent weeks and what God has been stirring in their hearts.

Pastor Warren Taylor interviews Donna Redding about a vision she had in February and what it means for today.

Church, as we come to this next segment of our "Church at Home", It would be remiss of me not to exhort you to the remembrance of what Jesus referred to in John 17:16, that "we are not of this world, but we are in it" and therefore must be diligent in seeking to understand what the world would call supernatural, but for the born again believer, is the norm.
Donna has managed this really well, while she seeks to walk in the realm of the Spirit, she is still able to function in her chosen realm of the work force.
I trust that you will be stirred in your spirit to use this time that we are in to pursue and breakthrough into deeper and deeper understanding and intimacy with Jesus.


Join the Flourish team for fun, craft and laughter as they reveal that everyone has a special place in God's heart

Thanks for joining us this Sunday church. We want to encourage you that your Sunday doesn’t have to end here, why not call some one for some fellowship? See how they are going and encourage and pray for them at this time.

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