Thoughts for citizens of the Kingdom of God

“You are the salt of the earth” and, “you are the Light of the world.” Mathew 5:13-14

Jesus never said anything in a frivolous way! Everything He said and taught had layers of truth for us to search out and pursue!

So the statement “You are the salt of the earth”, carries great significance for how we live our lives and for the influence we have in the world. The Greek word for “earth” is “shay”, and means “soil”, “land” and “world”.

So we have a picture presented to us here of :
You are the salt in hearts (soil).
You are the salt in the nation where you live (land).
You are salt in all ethnic groups that you are blessed to be a part of (world).
Now, take the word “salt” and have a good look at it.
What are its uses?
How does it bring change?
Remember, Jesus tells us that salt can lose its saltiness; how could this happen?

Next, we need to look at verse 14 and the words “light” and “world

Let’s take “world” first. The Greek here is “Kosmos” and among other things, means, “the world, and it’s inhabitants

Light”, in the Greek, comes from the word, “phoc”. The meaning of this word is to, “shine, make manifest, luminousness” and “fire”.

Now I know where all this leads to! BUT, I really would love you to take the bread that I have offered you, break it open, and write down what you get; draw what you see. Parents, do this with your children. I will give you one clue, ……. Why did Jesus come into this world?

Have fun! And if you can, send me an email with the findings and revelation that you come up with. That way, we all grow together!! And above all, HAVE FUN!!!

Warren (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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