“Hear, O My people and I will speak…..” Psalm 50:7 (NKJV)

One of the joys we have as pastors is that we get to hear how different people are pursuing a deeper relationship with God during this season of what I call a “Divine Reset”. Two weeks ago Jessie shared a testimony on “Frontline at Home” about how “waiting on God” has impacted her life.

In the days before refrigeration, there’s a story told of a man who lost his wristwatch in an ice house where he and other men were working. (An ice house was a barn where they stored ice and covered it with hay.) When the men came out at the end of the day the man said “I’ve lost my watch!” so they all went back in rummaging through the hay and ice with no success. When they came out, a little boy heard that the man lost his watch inside the barn and the little boy went inside the barn and came back within 10 minutes with the watch. The owner said “How in the world did you find this?  We all rummaged through, we searched every part; how did you find it?” The little boy said “Well, I went into the barn and I shut the door and then I laid still and quiet on the straw until I heard the ticking of the watch!”  Selah!

While reading Psalm 50 yesterday, I was struck by verse 7. Is God waiting for us to “hear” before He speaks? I personally believe God is always speaking, but we are often too busy “rummaging through the straw and moving the ice” to encounter the sweet “ticking of His heart”. 

“For since the beginning of the world, men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen any God besides You Who acts for the one who waits for Him. Isaiah 64:4 (NKJV)

Waiting on God (being entwined with Him) is focusing on God to the exclusion of other things. It doesn’t mean we are not busy with life, but it means we are giving Him the right place in our hearts which builds intimate relationship and harmony with Him. He so wants to commune with you, to bless you and to act for you in the affairs of life.

If ever there was an opportunity to “reset” our priorities, it is now.  Don’t let this time pass without deepening your relationship with your majestic God.


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