These messages are being made available here for you to download and share freely, so please help your self. We would just ask that you please don't sell them, or change them (so that part of a message could be taken out of context for example).

The messages contained on this website are copyright to the various speakers. The views expressed are their own and while mostly they will be the same as the views of Frontline Christian Church, we can't guarantee 100% everything said will be.

If you are listening to something and you think a friend would appreciate also hearing it, you can go to that message's page (by clicking on the title) and then email them a direct link by clicking on "Email" from the little drop down menu that looks like a gear cog on the right. Please use this feature wisely, as sharing the gospel is important, but annoying people first with unsolicited "spam" emails will probably just make them less likely to listen to what you are trying to say.

You can choose to listen to the message directly on this website using the built in player, or you can download the file to your computer, where you can listen to it later offline, or put the file onto a mobile device or even burn it to an audio CD.

If you are having any difficulties downloading or listening to files here, just get in touch with Ian or Terry for assistance.

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