FFrontline At Home

Welcome to our new online church, as we spread out among the body of believers.

While we are currently unable to gather together physically, we will be gathering here online for our Sunday services as we bring Church into the home, reading the word, sharing communion, having worship and praying with your family or household.
Scroll down for the latest message, new resources will be available each Sunday morning.
Keep your eye on our church facebook page facebook.com/frontlinechurchmudgee for more information and some fantastic content through the week

Greetings Frontliner’s, and a delighted welcome to all others who might have stumbled across this site!

I don’t know about you, but my passion is to pursue God, and to explore every nook and cranny of the calling that He has placed on my life!

This is the beginning of a series of weekly devotions that we would like to offer you, it is so easy to “just not bother” to continue to pursue everything that God has for us when things seem to be going “pear shaped”.
These are the times when we can prove to ourselves that “the joy of the Lord IS our strength” and not just a nice thing to hear or parrot off to someone else.

We are here because of The Fathers great overflowing love and desire for a family that carries His DNA.

" ...and that love and goodness has never failed, never changed and never will!"


“So don’t ever be afraid, dearest friends! Your loving Father joyously gives you His Kingdom realm with all it’s promises!”

Luke 12:32, Passion Trans.

“...and He raised us up and seated us together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, (why?) v7 so that in the coming ages He might show the surpassing riches of His grace in kindness toward us (where?) in Christ Jesus.

Ephesians 2:6 [MEV]

Saints, it’s all about Jesus, He is the center of our being, our very essence of life!

Read: Galatians 2:20 in the Passion Translation and meditate on it!

We love you all and so appreciate you!

Warren and Annette

Welcome to week one of Frontline at Home!

We have a collection of videos to help you worship and engage with the love of God wherever you are today. Be encouraged this morning to take time to experience his love for you.
We also never want our children to miss out, so Flourish kids church has also been included.

We will be beginning this Sunday Service with some time in worship, then Warren and Annette will be sharing at 'Heart to heart'. This will be followed by our 'Take-away ministry', where we have included resources from external ministries. Flourish Kids Church is hosted at the bottom of the blog.

To begin your online Sunday service, simply scroll below.

Here is today's YouTube playlist with two songs that we will be worshipping to together (these will play one after the other in the same window):

Here is a message from Pastors Warren and Annette, sharing what has been on their hearts this week.

This video is from "The Normal Christian Life" - What Do We When COVID-19 Closes Our Churches?
Everyone can be part of bringing hope in Jesus Christ wherever they are. The church is not an end in itself, but a vehicle for the Kingdom of God to be established in the earth.

God creates and God communes. God's love for you is personal and His word remains forever. The scriptures cannot be broken.
In this next video Ravi Zacharias speaks for 12 minutes about Four pillars of Eternal Truth.
We encourage you to discuss these in more depth together.

Hi there kids! We are excited to bring Flourish online for you, we hope you enjoy it and have a great Sunday!
Lets start with some worship, feel free to join in with the dance moves kids (big and little!)

Now here are Clint and Amy with a story about how Jesus loves everyone and you don't have to prove yourself.
It's called The Friend Of Little Children.

Thanks for joining us this Sunday church. We want to encourage you that your Sunday doesn’t have to end here, why not call some one for some fellowship? See how they are going and encourage and pray for them at this time.

Be sure to keep an eye on our Facebook page for more updates and have a blessed Sunday!

We would love to receive your feedback on your Frontline at Home experience today. We want to improve each week to best serve our church community and help us all connect with God and one another. Please email your thoughts and suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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